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Advertising Opportunities
In 2012, Dripping Springs ISD ventured down a new path to help create additional revenue to support the district's mission of “inspiring and equipping students to be lifelong learners and positive contributors to the world.” DSISD offers businesses various opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising.

For more information about advertising opportunities with DSISD, contact Lindsay Fredenburg, Director of Development.
phone: 512.858.3089.

Marketing Opportunities Rate Information

Below is a summary of marketing opportunities available for business partners.


  The DSISD homepage serves as a window for all parents of 5,400 students, as well as approximately 650 staff members at five campuses and district offices. Based on data collected in the past year, our site receives an average of nearly 98,000 hits per month (excluding June and July). We have created three spots in the lower third of the DSISD homepage; all should be viewable without scrolling on most browsers. The spots are now viewable at www.dsisdtx.us. Business partners may reserve one of the website spots for up to three months at a time.

WEEKLY PODCAST:  In February 2012 Dripping Springs ISD introduced a new medium for communicating with parents and community about the great things happening in our district. Each week, Superintendent Bruce Gearing introduces a program or achievement that is highlighted in a 3-4 minute segment. Announcements are sent when the podcast is posted each week, and a post is also made on the district’s Facebook account. An annual title sponsor would have their company logo displayed in each podcast, be listed on the podcast menu page, and be included in announcements (“podcast sponsored by …”).

COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER:  Each month during the school year, a 6-8 page electronic newsletter is prepared for parents and the community. All parents are e-mailed a link when the newsletter is posted each month and a group of 750 subscribers receives a separate alert by request. Several copies also are laminated and distributed to several community locations.

SCHOOL CALENDAR SPONSOR:  The annual school calendar previously has only been posted on the district website for parents to print and use. The district proposes addition of two business sponsors to split the cost of printing a four-color calendar for distribution to all parents. The sponsors’ logos will appear on the front of the calendar (2.5”x1.5”), for both printed and online versions.

NEW TIGER GUIDE SPONSOR:  The district has created a four-page booklet that is provided to families who move to Dripping Springs ISD during the school year (it is also available online). Two business sponsors will allow the guide to be professionally printed, and also given to families who are new to the district at the start of the school year. DSISD’s projected growth is approximately 5 percent a year, which equals about 200 students per year. The sponsor’s logo will be displayed on both the printed and online versions.

“EMPLOYEE REACH” PACKAGE:  For those businesses or organizations that would like to access and communicate with Dripping Springs ISD’s 700 employees, an “Employee Reach” package has been developed. The business partner would be included in one e-mail blast, be permitted to distribute one printed item (provided by partner), display a poster in teacher lounges (up to 11x17) for one month, have a quarter-page ad (4”x5.5”) in one monthly employee newsletter, and be included on a running list of partners/discounts displayed on the employee section of the website. This opportunity will be available August through May, and, to maximize impact, no more than 4 will be accepted per month.

All advertising will be subject to District approval guidelines.

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